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Individual Psychological Support

Who is this for?

Individual psychological support provides personalised counselling aimed at assisting parents of children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). This type of support is tailored to address the unique needs and situations of each parent, offering specialized assistance and strategies to navigate various challenges.

How Individual Psychological Support Can Help:


  • Emotional Relief and Support

  • Development of Coping Strategies

  • Enhancing Parental Skills

  • Personal Growth and Resilience

  • Addressing Specific Issues


How is eligible to get free individual psychological support:

Hand to Hold is a small charity gratefully supported by the National Lottery Community Grant to fund a small number of individual psychological sessions of those most in need.  So We're targeting to support UK residing parents with children with SEND on low income.

How to apply for an individual psychological support?  Please fill in the form below.

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